Many of you have come across our Technical Support Manager (TSM), Matt Winter. He started life in Cygnus as a Trainee Assembly Technician, learning skills and building product knowledge from our exceptional Production Manager, Simon Huelin. After achieving Electrical & Electronic Engineering qualifications, Matt moved across into our Service department, which he has been competently running for years. Now, as TSM, he not only services products, but also provides technical support to our Customers, trains our Distributors to become Service Centres, runs our IT, supports Design and carries out some engineering too.

Regardless of role or department, we value product knowledge highly and are following the same model for 2 other rising stars within Cygnus.

Jack Dando has been an Assembly Technician (AT) since 2013, again being fully trained by Simon. He completed a university HNC in Electronics & Computer Technology, whilst being a valued member of the Production team. Having learned C# programming, Jack is now part-time AT and part-time Software Developer, split between Production and Design. He is doing extremely well writing computer-based software and, needless to say, he is a man in demand!

Toby Eyre, an Assembly Technician since 2016, is coming to the end of his college education in Manufacturing Engineering and has also been receiving internal Service training. Over last year in particular, Toby’s increasing work in Service has been invaluable. This Operational flexibility has not only enabled Cygnus to absorb a higher demand in Service than usual, but also released Matt (TSM) to offer more technical and engineering support to the remote-working Design team.

These developments take years and years. It takes foresight and dedication in Cygnus’ managers, patience in all individuals involved and excellent communication to share and mentor resources across teams. Cygnus is proud of its skills, talent and the company-minded culture created by its team managers and directors. Once again, we will be drawing on that generosity, as it’s time to recruit into Production again…