Offshore Platforms and Structures Above Water

Offshore industries operate in harsh environments where regular maintenance checks, inspections and testing utilising offshore survey equipment are paramount to ensure ultimate safety.  Typical uses of NDT thickness gauges within the offshore environment include:

  • Oil and natural gas platform surveys
  • Jetties and pontoon surveys
  • Testing pipelines
  • Decommissioning of oil platforms.

Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Platforms and Structures Above Water

Cygnus Multiple Echo ultrasonic NDT thickness gauges are designed for use in these harsh and demanding environments, including explosive atmospheres.  Our ultrasonic gauges provide the ideal instrument for this kind of survey work, measuring through paint and protective coatings and our Multiple Echo technique ensures a reliable thickness measurement is always given.

  • The Cygnus 1 Ex provides a solution to measurements in explosive atmospheres
  • The Cygnus 2+ Hands Free is ideal for rope access or belt mounted work with its end-on display
  • The Cygnus 4 General Purpose is a good all-round general purpose thickness gauge with a backlit LCD display and high temperature measurement feature.
  • The Cygnus 6+ offers A-scan, manual gain control and comprehensive data logging with auto-log function, and high temperature measuring capability.
  • Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauge is ideal for accurately measuring the thickness of oil platforms and rigs
  • Non-destructive measurements of all structures.

If you are interested in inspections on subsea structures, please visit our Subsea page.