Undercarriage / Excavator Inspection

Ultrasonic thickness measurements have become a key component of an effective asset integrity maintenance (AIM) programme for fleets of earth moving and mining vehicles. Components that can be tested include, but are not limited to: ball studs, butt joints, rail tracks, track pins, bushes and remaining thickness of excavator buckets and shafts.

The Cygnus 4+ gauge in combination with T5B probe is a simple to use, accurate and extremely rugged thickness meter that will cope with the numerous areas on heavy equipment that require inspection for corrosion or erosion. The gauge’s small, ergonomic probe allows easy access to confined areas previously inaccessible using other manual tools, while its large LCD display shows accurate measurements instantly. Readings can be easily verified with a scans and stored for review at a later date – enabling a historical picture of equipment performance to be built up.

Rope Hydraulic Shovel Undercarriage
GET Dump Bodies Boom Structures

All the MK5 range is tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G) for drop, shock, vibration, dust and immersion.

You can use the extremely robust MK5 range of ultrasonic thickness gauges for accurate inspection and test for Undercarriage Inspection on all earth-moving equipment, for inspection of Rope and Hydraulic Shovel Excavators and for GET, Dump Body and Boom Structure Inspection. Benefits include:

  • Present all results in PDF report
  • View and reference historical inspections
  • Assist with identification of component residual life
  • Assist with identification of potential issues that could reduce component life
  • Assist with cost performance and measurement of reliability over entire life
  • Monitor dump body condition and high wear areas.