Cygnus FMD System for ROV

Ultrasonic Flooded Member Detector

Designed by our ultrasonic specialists with years of subsea industry experience, this Flooded Member Detector (FMD) combines intelligent, advanced software and electronics with a truly simple to use interface. The innovative, fail-safe design means the FMD system can be operated by operators of varying experiences.

The FMD system comprises the probe with probe handler, the subsea electronics unit and the reporting software. An ultrasonic flooded member detection is operated from the FMD reporting software at the surface. Once correct alignment is detected by a contact sensor, a test can be performed and the system will give a simple Dry (Green) / FLOODED (Red) result along with A-scans.


The Cygnus FMD has an innovative probe handling solution which self-aligns, ensuring correct contact with the member, even when approached from an angle.

The system returns a simple DRY / FLOODED result to the reporting software with results logged at the surface.


The Cygnus FMD System is owner operated and extremely easy to learn and understand.

Due to its simplicity and innovative fail safe design the FMD system can be used by a range of operators, with varying experience, without the need for external contractors.


Available in high grade acetal or stainless steel for the harshest environments.

The FMD equipment is designed to the highest standards, supported by a three year warranty.


The purpose-designed algorithm simultaneously uses:

  • advanced signal processing
  • an advanced peak detection algorithm
  • low distortion / low noise data acquisition

to ensure highest level of Probability of Detection (PoD) to eliminate false readings.

The system will only take a measurement when the contact sensor detects probe contact, ensuring reliable results every time. The reporting software will indicate at the surface should the probe lose contact during a test.

System Test Function ensures the reliability of the system before it is deployed.


Being of a compact design the probe is able to get into hard to reach areas, such as K nodes, where other inspection methods cannot. A range of versatile options to suit working depths and varying requirements are available.

The same FMD system is also diver deployable.

Probe0.5 MHz high power piezo composite probe – single element
Measuring Range200 – 2000 mm member diameter
Resolution1 mm


Diver Communications PSU110-240 AC 50/60 Hz @ 1A (max)
ROV Power Supply12 to 24 volt D.C @ 60mA


DigitalRS232 & RS485
Baud Rate115,200
Date CaptureOn demand 3 shot and varying gain levels
Diver Data LinkRS485 half – duplex
ROV Date LinkRS232 full – duplex suitable for fibre multiplexers


Acetal Electronics Body0.9 kg (95 mm (diameter) x 115 mm (height))
Stainless Steel Electronics Body4 kg (95 mm (diameter) x 115 mm (height))
Acetal Probe Handler2.5 kg (140 x 170 x 130 mm)
Stainless Steel Probe Handler4.7 kg (140 x 170 x 130 mm)
120m Umbilical Cable23 kg (340 x 450 x 555 mm)
350m Umbiblical Cable87 kg (450 x 600 x 930 mm)
50m Deck Cable13 kg (290 x 380 x 490 mm)
Depth Rating300 msw
Operation Temperature0°C to +75°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to 55°C
Cable Protector
– Provides extra cable protection and an attachment point for divers
Self Aligning Probe Handler
– Tough Stainless Steel or
– Lightweight Acetal
Handle Options
– T-Bar
– Fishtail
Umbilical Cable
– 120m length
– 350m length
System Test Tank
– Used to run a full system test of the FMD system

1 review for Cygnus FMD System for ROV

Louis P.

Nov 25, 2020 1:36 PM

The new Cygnus Ultrasonic FMD System was perfect for our recent application. Our technicians found the software to be very easy to use with features that ensured a quick and reliable result. It’s a great addition to the Westerton Access capability, offering FMD inspection from the Falcon ROV.

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