Hatch Cover Weathertightness

Are you looking to upgrade your hatch cover tightness inspection process? Then consider ultrasonic hatch cover weathertightness testers from Cygnus Instruments. Perhaps you’re looking for a way that saves time, offers improved flexibility, but doesn’t compromise the accuracy of your readings. Our hatch cover testers do just that. Designed and developed by Cygnus Instruments, our testers have revolutionised the industry. 

We develop our products off the back of extensive research and development. We’ve pushed the envelope to develop hatch cover testers that boost accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. Our hatch cover detectors are designed with strength in mind and can be used easily in any environment without concern about them breaking. 

They save you hours of laborious work and require little to no training to operate. Detect even the smallest imperfections in a hatch cover in minutes. If you’d like to learn more about our hatch cover testers, pick up the phone and call our team today on +44 (0) 1305 265 533. 

No.1 Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester

Hatch Cover Testing

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we’re proud to introduce you to our incredible ultrasonic hatch cover weathertightness tester – the Cygnus Hatch Sure for Ships. This ABS-type tester is approved and accepted by P&I clubs and can carry out fast and effective weathertightness tests. It can perform tests on hatch covers of dry cargo vessels, providing precise locations and reporting on the extent of any leakages. 

Leaks can occur due to a breach in the cover’s seal. This could be because of a manufacturer defect, an installation mistake, or damage or wear and tear. 

Often, leaks can be tiny, some pinpoint in size, making them almost impossible to detect using traditional methods. However, our purpose-built ultrasonic hatch cover weathertightness tester can detect leaks of any size. The transmitter has adjustable power levels, so the tester can be switched to test different types and sizes of cargo holds. And it can be used to test smaller areas, including cargo hold entrance hatches, yacht and boat hatches, and inspection hatches. 

The Cygnus Hatch Sure operates at 40,000 kHz and +/- 200 Hz bandwidth. It sports up to nine hours of battery life, can operate in temperatures ranging from -20C to 50C and is protected by ABS plastic with a shock-absorbing outer boot. Plus, our tester comes with IP65 protection (IP66 when stored in its outdoor all-weather soft pouch. 

Key Features: 

  • Rapid and Extensive Testing of Hatch Covers 
  • Replaces Hose Testing 
  • Inspections Can be Performed with Cargo in Place 
  • Lightweight Build 
  • Digital Calibration Controls 
  • Six Selectable Pre-Set Power Levels 
  • Open Hatch (OH) Value and Sound Level in Decibels (dB) Simultaneously Displayed 
  • Rucksack-Style Carry Case 
  • Neck and Wrist Straps for Hands-Free Use 
  • Transmitter Comes with a Sling and 4-Anchor Points for Easy Suspension in the Cargo Hold 

Why Do You Need Hatch Cover Weathertightness Tester?  

Now that you know a little more about the Cygnus Hatch Sure for Ships let’s consider why you would need such a piece of equipment. Consider the ramifications of a leaking cargo hold or hatch cover. Any cargo you’re carrying could be damaged or destroyed, costing you a fortune, not to mention damaging your reputation. 

The benefits of investing in or hiring an ultrasonic hatch cover weathertightness tester include the following: 

  • Ensures Customer Satisfaction 
  • Minimises the Need for Costly Insurance Claims 
  • Protects Cargo 
  • Protects the Shipping Company’s Reputation 

Plus, when you use our hatch cover tester, you’ll enjoy even more benefits that include: 

  • Can be Performed While the Boat is At Sea in Any Weather 
  • Can be Performed Without Emptying the Cargo Hold 
  • Detects Leaks with Pinpoint Accuracy, No Matter How Minor 
  • One Person is Required to Perform the Test 
  • Provides Information About Compression Status 

How Does Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Weathertightness Tester Work? 

Hatch covers are weathertight because of mating boundaries fitted with rubber gaskets attached to patent covers. At the hatch coamings, gaskets are fitted, and automatic or hand-operated cleats are provided to close the covers. No universal gasket or cleat arrangements exist, so no two hatches will necessarily be the same. 

Leaks are commonly caused by issues with the gaskets or cleats, though they can also occur if the cover is compromised. These problems are often hard to spot with the naked eye, which is where our tester comes in. The generator is placed on one side of the hatch, and the receiver is on the other. The transmitter sends out a specific frequency of ultrasound which is picked up by the receiver. 

The presence of a leak site causes an increase in ultrasound signal, which is indicated by an audio signal emitted through the user’s headphones. The leak is also indicated on the device’s LCD screen, which details how large the leak is. 

Why Choose Cygnus for Hatch Cover Weathertightness Tester?  

Cygnus Instruments are a company with decades of experience designing and developing ultrasonic hatch cover weathertightness testers and thickness inspection devices. We hold CSA and BASEEFA intrinsically safe certifications and maintain an ISO-9001 accreditation for which we’re regularly audited. 

Thanks to our roots in the marine inspection industry, customer feedback, and research and development, we supply the best inspection products the industry has seen. And we provide global support through our support centres, meaning we’re there for you every step of the way. 

Our Hatch Cover Weathertightness Tester Meets all Society Requirements 

The Cygnus Hatch Sure for Ships is engineered to meet Classification Society requirements regarding weathertight integrity test equipment type. DNVGL-CP-0484 and IACS UR Z17 are the two more relevant Classification Society requirements concerning hatch cover testers. 

The service supplier (the company performing the ultrasonic weathertightness testing) is linked to the requirement DNVGL-CP-0484. This also lists the precise requirements the service supplier needs to meet to ensure that ultrasonic weathertightness integrity testing complies with the required standards. 

These requirements, which the Cygnus Hatch Sure for Ships complies with, include: 

  • 0 Db Hatch Cover Is Leak Tight  
  • 1 Db To 10% OHV Shall Mean That the Hatch Cover Is Considered Weathertight  
  • Above 10% OHV Shall Mean the Hatch Cover Is Considered Not to Be Weathertight 
  • Biannual Re-Calibration Tests Shall Be Carried Out by Laboratories Authorised by The Manufacturer  
  • Fail/Pass Criterion to Be Applied in Tightness Testing:  
  • OHV Shall Be Adjustable to a Stable Value Allowing Maximum Sensitivity Without False Side Effects  
  • The Receiver Shall Be Provided with An Audible Signal and a Visual Readout, Calibrated in Decibel  
  • Transmitter Shall Provide a Uniform Open Hatch Value (OHV) Over the Tested Area  

Regulation Compliance for Hatch Cover Tests   

When choosing the right ultrasonic hatch cover weathertightness tester, you need to be aware of regulation compliance for hatch cover tests. Several regulations govern watertight/ weathertight integrity inspections. These regulations include: 

SOLAS Reg II-1/11.1 

“Where a hose test is not practicable… [it may be replaced by] an ultrasonic leak test or an equivalent test. In any case, a thorough inspection of the watertight bulkheads shall be carried out.” 

IMO SOLAS Reg II-1/21.3  

“The watertight doors and all mechanisms and indicators connected therewith shall be periodically inspected at sea at least once a week.”  

IMO SOLAS Reg II-1/13-1.1  

“Where penetrations of watertight bulkheads and internal decks are necessary for access, piping, ventilation, electrical cables, etc., arrangements are to be made to maintain the watertight integrity.” 

IACS Rules – Requirements for Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Service Providers  

“2. Firms engaged in tightness testing of closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc., with ultrasonic equipment.” 

With the Cygnus Hatch Sure for Ships, it becomes much easier to comply with these regulations. Plus, our device is CE, BS EN 60945:2002 certified. This pertains to maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems – general requirements – methods of testing and required test results. 

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So, if you’re looking to enquire further about hatch cover weathertightness solutions, you now know who to get in touch with – Cygnus Instruments. Founded nearly 40 years ago, we’ve been designing and developing innovative technologies that have transformed the inspection industry. Our ultrasonic hatch cover weathertightness testers incorporate the latest specs and features, ensuring you unparalleled performance. 

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we recognise that our customers will likely have questions. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our products or services, all you need to do is pick up the phone or drop us a message. It’s as simple as that, and we’ll ensure you have all the information you need concerning our hatch cover weathertightness testers. 

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