Working to maintain much of the UK’s infrastructure

In 2014 alone, Amey PLC have purchased a large number of Cygnus 2 Hands Free ultrasonic thickness gauges to maintain much of the UK’s infrastructure that people rely on every day.

Cygnus Instruments Ltd are the leading manufacturer of multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges that are used in many industrial applications worldwide. So far this year, Cygnus have sold over 60 thickness gauges to Amey PLC who provide a wide range of services to the public and regulated sectors.

Mark Harris, Sales Engineer of Cygnus Instruments Ltd has had feedback from many Engineers at Amey PLC who use Cygnus thickness gauges, saying that “We like and trust the equipment for its reliability, simplicity to use, rugged build quality, good backup service and that it simply does what it says on the box. It gives us the readings we need when we need them. We like the Cygnus brand as it’s so well-known and trusted in NDT circles”.

Amey PLC have over 320 contracts nationally including: designing, managing and maintaining UK highways; maintaining a worldwide military fleet of vehicles such as cranes, bulldozers, drilling equipment etc. for the British Armed Forces; providing a wide range of transport and plant solutions for customers such as the MoD, Network Rail and local authorities.

A popular choice for many civil engineering and marine based companies is the Cygnus 2 Hands Free thickness gauge. The Cygnus 2 gauge is the smallest, lightest and most convenient multiple echo thickness gauge. With an end-mounted OLED display, it is specifically designed for users who need to perform metal thickness inspections using rope access or with the gauge clipped to their belt.

Designed for hands free metal thickness gauging

All Cygnus thickness gauges use the multiple echo technique which provides accurate and reliable thickness measurements, without the need to remove coatings. This technique is often referred to by IACS for ‘firms engaged in thickness measurements on ships’ and the ‘Weathering Steel for Highway Structures’ document from the Department of Transport.