“Guess the Pipe Wall Thickness”

THANK YOU to all who visited Cygnus at the Seawork and took part in the “Guess the pipe wall thickness” Competition.

The thickness of the pipe wall was 5.8mm. Did you guess right?

We are pleased to announce the winner of the competition –

Terry Selwood at Sealane Inshore!!!

Sealane Inshore Ltd is a marine civil engineering and diving company based in South Sheilds in the north east of England and has an operation base located directly on the River Tyne with slipway access to the river. They offer a wide range of services including vessel inspection, bridge inspection and jetty repair.

We look forward to hearing from Sealane Inshore on how they benefit from the power barnacle remover.

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One more thing to celebrate — The Cygnus DIVE wrist-mounted underwater thickness gauge is the winner of 2012 Diving & Underwater Technology Category in the Innovation Showcase Award!