Welcome to Frank!

Cygnus welcomes Frank, our new Embedded Design Engineer. With 17 years of relevant experience and a 5-year specialist Masters degree before that, Frank’s career has been built in Slovakia and the UK.

In mid-January, Frank achieved an almost impossible relocation from one side of the country to the other, under the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown conditions. He joined Cygnus’ Technical Director, David George, in our Design office in Bath. And now he has begun the even greater journey of learning about the innermost workings of our products.

David has a great deal to teach Frank to bring him up to speed, but the timing has been perfectly aligned. David is closing in on completion of a very large product development project and also has ready for Frank the firmware design elements for another. The work itself and the teaching is well structured. Frank has been with us for one month now and is progressing well – building his foundations of knowledge and moving his coding work forward with care and rigour.

The expansion of our engineering team in this particular way is a landmark for Cygnus. To add a specialist embedded software engineer, reflects the advancements in the technology within our products. Frank will be a great asset to the team, enabling development of ever more complex instruments, whilst others tackle the constant and often changing demands of engineering support and everything else!