Cygnus for HMS Victory!

Time for Mast Inspection aboard HMS Victory!  Cygnus Instruments fits the bill once again, after over 25 years in the business.

Ian Bell of Bell Rigging chose Cygnus Instruments, the leading manufacturer of Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, to supply the latest Cygnus 2 Hands Free thickness gauge for a mast survey of this historic vessel. Its original wooden masts were replaced by steel and wrought-iron masts, taken from a ship called the Shah in the 1880’s.

The Cygnus 2 Hands Free uses the Cygnus-pioneered multiple echo technique to ensure accurate, reliable measurements without the need to remove protective coatings. Therefore inspection time and costs are significantly reduced.

In rope access work at height, it’s essential to have your hands free for safety and ease of operation. The Cygnus 2 Hands Free can be either clipped to a harness or worn around the neck. The display on the top of the instrument can be easily viewed by glancing down. What’s more, the latest Cygnus 2 has a simple keypad and a bright, clear organic LED display which is adjustable for all light conditions.

For more information, please visit the Cygnus 2 Hands Free product page.