Cygnus Exhibits at the ASNT Annual Conference in Charleston USA

ASNT 2014 created a platform for Cygnus to demonstrate their range of ultrasonic thickness gauges for the NDT industry.

Cygnus Instruments Ltd are the leading manufacturer of the multiple-echo ultrasonic thickness gauge, proving engineers and surveyors with the perfect solution for performing metal thickness testing without the need to remove protective coatings.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) created the ideal platform for Cygnus to display their range of thickness gauges and to demonstrate how these can be used within the NDT industry to provide accurate and reliable thickness measurements, without causing damage to the material being tested.

All Cygnus thickness gauges use the multiple-echo technique but the one gauge that caught the attention of most visitors at ASNT was the Cygnus 4 General Purpose. The Cygnus 4 is a small, easy to use, hand-held thickness gauge with automatic probe recognition which senses the probe type and adjusts the gauge settings for optimum performance. With its Deep-Coat mode, the gauge is also able to accurately read through coatings up to 20mm thick.

Cygnus 4 General Purpose
Ultrasonic NDT Thickness Gauge

Other exhibitors at the ASNT conference included non-destructive testing training companies such as: VECTOR TUB who are the largest training and examination centre run by the accredited certification authority SECTOR Cert, providing a range of courses and qualifying examinations for inspection methods MT, UT, PT, VT, RT, ET, LT-B and IT-E; Hellier NDT which is a respected name in nondestructive testing for over 40 years, Hellier is the leading provider of NDT training and certification services with classes at their schools based in Connecticut, Texas and California as well as online training programs and; the Ocean Corporation who have over 40 years experience providing the competitive edge for students to succeed as a commercial diver or NDT inspector, they provide hands-on training for commercial diving, underwater welding and non-destructive testing.