Congratulations to Lulu, our Managing Director, for her 15 years at Cygnus

Let’s hear what she has to say about her 15 years of experience.

I had never thought I would be part of the business that my father had founded back in 1983.  Whilst it was a terribly sad story that he died just 5 years later in 1988, the disconnection this created between the company and my family, over the following decade, is the very reason why I eventually joined Cygnus.

 It was a tough start 15 years ago, but I knew it was my choice to leave my career as a Hydrogeologist and step into the world of Cygnus.  I made a promise to myself that I would never base a business decision on emotion or the memory or legacy of my father.  Luckily, a few key individuals in Operations gave me the benefit of the doubt, along with Graham Haines who was willing to return to Cygnus to head up our Sales.  Together we formed a core and somehow attracted Design and Marketing talent in David George and Chih Ju Wei, who developed our products and brand (and still do to this day!).  Graham supported them and strengthened our distribution network and Ops kept us steady.

 To some extent the rest is history, but one that has been rich in learning and today Cygnus has a team which grows together and which inspires me.  I feel very lucky to love what I do and to have the opportunity to work with amazing individuals, both internal and external to the company.  I can’t name-check everyone along the way, but I know I will always be indebted to those early few (thank you Simon, Lesley and Ken!).