This new year, in particular, will bring new challenges for everyone. In the UK, we are in a new Coronavirus lockdown AND we have now left the EU after nearly half a century of membership within this trading bloc. Resilient as ever, Cygnus is still here and operating as normal. Ok, no travel or meetings in person! – but we are all at work: designing, supporting, communicating, manufacturing and shipping. With about 1/3 of us working from home, there is ample space for our Operations and Technical teams to continue working safely, both at Cygnus House and our satellite Design Office. With COVID measures in place, our couriers continue to serve us well and we are thankful for this.

The complications of our exit from the EU, caused a very last minute UK-EU trade deal to be made at the end of 2020… BUT we are happy a deal was made! In 2020, the Cygnus team had prepared for both scenarios of no deal or a deal. Thankfully, the deal means new tariffs have not been introduced. Our team is rich in “Rest of World” export experience and we can apply this with ease to continue shipping our products to the EU and elsewhere. We appreciate both this and the work of our excellent couriers enabling us to continue with Business As Usual.