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Are you looking to invest in one or more wall thickness gauges? Then look no further than Cygnus Instruments as we’re wall thickness measurement device specialists with nearly 40 years of experience. In that time, we’ve developed a range of ultrasonic thickness gauges and single-handedly pioneered the industry-standard Multiple-Echo testing mode. 

Ultrasonic thickness gauges are necessary for obtaining precise and accurate thickness measurements. Our devices can even ignore coatings and corrosion, providing accurate results quickly and with the utmost efficiency. And thanks to our diversification, we also stock hatch cover detectors, and flooded membrane detects, so we can cater to your needs. 

If you have been looking for the perfect wall thickness gauge to cover a wide spectrum of engineering materials, call us today on +44 (0) 1305 265 533. A member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail and answer any questions or concerns you might have. 

High-Quality Wall Thickness Gauges  

Time was that taking wall thickness measurements was a long and costly process, often resulting in higher labour and scrap costs. This was hardly ideal for a process that must be carried out, but with the advent of ultrasonic gauges, the process is now both quick and straightforward. With ultrasonic thickness measurement devices, you’ll no longer need to cut out sections or dismantle machinery to carry out a simple test. 

Instead, our high-quality ultrasonic thickness gauge is designed robust and are a modern, reliable alternative to traditional testing methods that’ll save you time and money. 

Testing the thickness of walls is essential to discover corrosion, erosion, and damage and take the necessary steps to prevent these issues from causing serious damage. Issues like these can cause equipment malfunctions, machinery breakdowns and even structural issues that could compromise safety. 

Thanks to our impressive range of ultrasonic thickness gauges, it’s easy to carry out this function regardless of your sector. We have devices for explosive environments (ATEX-certified), subsea use, rope access, etc. And between our basic, ‘+’, and PRO models, there are options to suit all requirements and budgets. 

What is a Wall Thickness Gauge?  

Now that you’ve had a chance to read about what we do at Cygnus Instruments, you might be wondering what an ultrasonic thickness gauge is. Of course, that assumes that you’re new to this and have never used one before. Below you’ll find a brief introduction to ultrasonic thickness gauges that’ll hopefully give you a better understanding of what they are and what they do. 

Historically, the field of testing and inspection has comprised countless techniques, including: 

  • Visual 
  • Magnetic 
  • Radiographic Testing 
  • Eddy Current Testing 

All these forms of testing are non-destructive, meaning that nothing needs to be cut away, dismantled, or destroyed in the process. The test piece remains undamaged, keeping labour and scrap costs to a minimum. Time is saved, too, as the piece doesn’t need to be taken apart or put back together. 

Ultrasonic thickness testing is a form of non-destructive testing used to measure the thickness of a metal surface, such as a pipe or conduit. The advantage of this form of testing is that it only requires access to one side, so no disassembly is necessary. 

Ultrasonic thickness gauges are devices that compute soundwaves, converting these waves into actionable data that indicates the thickness of the surface being tested. A device is fitted with a transducer (probe) that transmits these soundwaves or pulses. The pulses travel through the test piece until they hit the far wall. They then rebound back and are captured by the probe. 

Some of this returning echo is analysed by the gauge, and the echo is used to calculate the material thickness based on the elapsed time. This is then compared with baseline readings which indicate the original or correct thickness of the material. This could indicate damage, corrosion, or erosion if the thickness has changed. 

In such situations, repairs or even replacements will likely be needed. If no change is observed, the test piece is marked as a pass and no further action is needed. Ultrasonic thickness gauges play a vital role in ensuring that machinery and assemblies operate safely and correctly. 

Our devices utilise Multiple-Echo mode, which transmits three sound pulses rather than a single sound pulse. As each pulse is returned, the time between each pulse is measured and must be equal for the reading to be accepted. As multiple pulses are used, the readings are far more accurate and can even be taken through coatings. Conversely, other testing modes can only be carried out on bare surfaces; otherwise, any coatings must be removed first. 

The standard loadout for Cygnus Instruments ultrasonic thickness measurement devices is a single-crystal probe. That’s because all our devices come with Multiple-Echo testing mode as standard. However, if you purchase a ‘+’ or PRO variant, these devices come with Single- and Echo-Echo testing modes, too, and so you’ll also need to invest in twin-crystal probes. 

It’s important to invest in the right probes, as using the wrong probe will lead to the probe providing you with erroneous readings. At Cygnus Instruments, we supply both twin- and single-crystal probes, so you’re equipped for all scenarios. 

Benefits of Wall Thickness Gauge 

Ultrasonic thickness measurement gauges have truly revolutionised the testing and inspection industry. The benefits of ultrasonic gauges make them a worthwhile investment for any business that routinely carries out thickness inspections. Such benefits include: 

  • Compatible with Data Logging and Statistical Analysis Programs 
  • Highly Accurate Results (More So Than Traditional Methods) 
  • Lightweight and Portable 
  • One-Sided Measurements US
  • Quick and Simple to Use 
  • Versatile 

Of course, labour and scrap costs are something every business wants to minimise, and that’s where ultrasonic thickness measurement gauges win out over all other methods. By being able to take measurements with access to one side only, no disassembly or cutting is required. 

Other Products We Provide  

In addition to ultrasonic thickness gauges, we also supply other products, including hatch cover detectors and flooded membrane detectors. We also carry single- and twin-crystal probes and high-temperature probes. High-temperature probes are designed for taking in-service thickness measurements and corrosion surveys and are often used in oil and gas, refining, energy, and process sectors. 

Why Choose Our Wall Thickness Gauge?  

In 1983, we founded Cygnus Instruments to address the need for a precise, reliable, portable thickness measuring tool that could take thickness measurements anywhere. Over the last four decades, we’ve built up a range of devices with options to suit all requirements. As a result, thousands of users use our devices across various sectors every day. 

We built our first ultrasonic thickness gauge to respond to the ever-increasing need for a reliable thickness meter. Our backgrounds in the marine inspection industry allowed us to draw on our experiences to develop a thickness measuring device that was robust, reliable, precise, and easy to use. 

We have placed our service centres all over the globe for the convenience of our clients. Every one of our employees has been highly trained to provide the exceptional service we are known for. 

We are pleased to offer our extensive range of thickness testing equipment to customers in over 30 countries worldwide. So, our instruments are used in almost every industry all over the globe. What’s more, our global repair and servicing centres have been placed all over the globe to provide support to all our clients by improving equipment productivity, extending the device’s life cycle, and helping you make the most of your ultrasonic testing device.   

So, you can trust that you’re buying your ultrasonic thickness gauges from a company you can depend on.   

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So, if you’re looking for the top supplier of ultrasonic thickness gauge, look no further than Cygnus Instruments. Over the last 39 years, we’ve designed and built a range of ultrasonic thickness measurement devices. Our devices are utilised across various sectors for a range of applications. And all our devices employ the innovative Multiple-Echo testing mode, which is now an industry standard. 

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