High Temperature Ex Probe

Twin Element Ultrasonic Probe designed for high-temperature, in-service, wall thickness and corrosion surveys across oil and gas, refining, energy and process sectors. Great wear resistance allows for use on hot surfaces up to 300°C. Measures remaining wall thickness from 2.5mm to 50mm - depending on temperature and material.

Engineered to be used with the Cygnus 1 Ex ultrasonic thickness gauge, the High-Temperature Ex Probe can measure hot surfaces continuously without cooling, reducing inspection time and facilitating more effective measurement!

The probe is designed for use with a special probe cable wrapped in a glass-fibre outer braid to protect the cable.

The probe and probe cable are sold separately, enabling lower replacement costs.

Frequency Crystal Ø5.0 MHz 8 mm (0.31 in) Nominal
Tip Size12 mm (0.47 in) Nominal
Range in Steel2.5 – 50 mm (0.1 – 1.97 in)
ConnectorsTwin Microdot 10-32
Surface Temperature50°C to 300°C (122°F to 572°F)

At Cygnus Instruments, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation for over 40 years, pioneering the digital ‘Multiple Echo’ technology that has set industry standards. As you navigate the complexities of selecting high temperature ex probes, know that our expertise is your beacon in the haze. 

With a global presence and a team of highly trained professionals, we’re here to guide you through the intricacies of high-temperature environments, ensuring your operations run smoothly and safely. For personalised assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out on +44 (0) 1305 265 533. Your challenges are our drive; your safety, our commitment. 

The Best Place to Purchase Intrinsically Safe Probes From 

Venturing into the realm of high-temperature ex probe opens up a world where precision meets safety in the most volatile environments. These aren’t just tools; they’re your guardians in places where the margin for error is non-existent. Ever wondered what makes these probes tick, or why “intrinsically safe” isn’t just a fancy term but a critical necessity? 

There’s a fascinating science and crucial need behind these sophisticated devices that we’re eager to explore with you. If you’re curious about how these probes can transform your operations, why not give us a ring? Let’s embark on this intriguing journey together. 

Introducing Our High-Temperature Ex Probe 

Our Twin Element Ultrasonic Probe is the quintessential tool for those navigating the demanding landscapes of oil, gas, refining, and energy sectors, where high temperature and corrosive conditions are part of the daily grind. This probe isn’t just tough; it’s smart, designed to withstand the rigors of hot surfaces up to 300°C, allowing measurements of wall thickness from 2.5mm to 50mm. 

Tailored for seamless integration with the Cygnus 1 Ex ultrasonic thickness gauge, it empowers continuous measurements on high temperature surfaces, dramatically streamlining inspection times. Crafted with a special glass-fibre braid, the probe’s cable ensures durability, while its separable design from the probe itself offers cost-effective maintenance solutions. 


  • Frequency Crystal: 5.0 MHz 8 mm (0.31 in) Nominal, ensuring our probe deliver precise readings. 
  • Tip Size: 12 mm (0.47 in) Nominal, designed for optimal contact with the material. 
  • Range in Steel: Our probe can measure thicknesses from 2.5 to 50 mm (0.1 to 1.97 in), offering versatility across various applications. 
  • Connectors: Equipped with Twin Microdot 10-32 for reliable connectivity. 
  • Surface Temperature: These temperature probes are engineered to operate flawlessly in environments with surface temperatures ranging from 50°C to 300°C (122°F to 572°F), perfect for high temperature scenarios. 

Each specification underscores the precision and reliability of our temperature sensors, especially in high temperatures, ensuring accurate calibration and monitoring. 

What is the Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?  

Introducing the Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, our flagship testing device that redefines reliability in hazardous zones. Designed with intrinsic safety at its core, this rugged, handheld sensor is your go-to for precise thickness measurements in the most challenging environments. 

From fuel depots to chemical plants, and oil refineries to hazardous storage, our gauge stands unmatched. Calibration is seamless, ensuring accuracy where it matters most. With our temperature probe, navigating the complexities of Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres becomes second nature. Trust in our gauges and probes to deliver unparalleled safety and precision where the risk is highest. 

Introduction to High Temperature Ex Probes 

High Temperature Ex Probes, equipped with advanced sensors are pivotal in navigating the complexities of hazardous environments. These temperature probes undergo meticulous calibration to ensure unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Their role transcends mere monitoring; they are the linchpin in maintaining the delicate balance of safety within high-risk zones. 

The challenges posed by extreme temperatures necessitate the use of these specialised probes, as they adeptly prevent accidents before they occur. In essence, these probes are not just tools; they are crucial safety mechanisms, vigilantly overseeing operations to ensure a seamless and safe workflow in environments where the stakes are perpetually high. 

Understanding Intrinsically Safe Design 

In the heart of explosive environments, the principle of intrinsically safe design stands as a sentinel. This ingenious concept ensures that our probes and sensors, including temperature probes, are crafted to negate the risk of igniting flammable gases, dust, or fibres. 

It’s a delicate dance of engineering finesse where every calibration, every component, is designed to prevent the release of sufficient energy that could trigger an explosion. This isn’t just about safeguarding our equipment; it’s about ensuring the safety around your operations, making sure that the environment and everyone in it are shielded from potential harm. 

The Science Behind High-Temperature Ex Probes 

Delving into the technical heart of High-Temperature Ex Probes reveals a marvel of engineering, designed to thrive in the harshest conditions. These probes are crafted with robust materials capable of withstanding searing temperatures, ensuring their structural integrity and operational reliability. The precision in calibration is paramount, fine-tuned to deliver unwavering accuracy in measurements, crucial for safety and efficiency. 

Their construction is a testament to innovation, incorporating features that prevent ignition in explosive atmospheres, a cornerstone of their design. This delicate balance of durability and precision underscores the sophistication behind these essential instruments in high-risk environments. 

Selecting the Right Probe for Your Needs  

Selecting the right High-Temperature Ex Probe for your industry isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about understanding the unique demands of your operational landscape. Consider the temperature range your environments present and the level of sensitivity required for your tasks. 

The calibration of these probes is paramount, ensuring they deliver precise readings even in the most extreme conditions. Additionally, factor in the environmental challenges you face – be it dust, moisture, or explosive gases. By aligning these elements with your needs, you’ll ensure the probe not only meets safety standards but enhances your operational efficiency too. 

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices  

The key to harnessing the full potential of High-Temperature Ex Probes lies in their correct installation and diligent maintenance. Ensuring these probes are properly calibrated is not just about accuracy; it’s a cornerstone of safety and reliability in environments where temperatures soar and risks are high. 

Regular calibration, alongside routine checks and cleanings, can significantly extend the lifespan of your probes and maintain their precision. Adopting these practices isn’t just recommended; it’s essential. 

By doing so, you safeguard not only your operations but also the well-being of your team. Remember, a well-maintained probe is a dependable ally in the most challenging conditions. 

Certifications and Compliance: Ensuring Safety and Legality 

Navigating the intricate landscape of certifications and compliance standards is paramount for High-Temperature Ex Probes to be deemed safe and legal in explosive atmospheres. These probes must align with rigorous international safety protocols, ensuring they can operate reliably without igniting hazardous environments. 

Key certifications include: 

  • ATEX Directive for European Conformity 
  • IECEx Scheme for Global Standardisation 

Adhering to these standards isn’t just about legality; it’s a commitment to safety and reliability. By ensuring compliance, we not only protect operations but also uphold the highest safety benchmarks, fostering trust and security in every endeavour. 

Future Trends and Innovations in Explosion-Proof Technology 

The horizon of explosion-proof equipment, particularly in the domain of probes attached to ultrasonic thickness gauges, is brimming with potential. Imagine probes so advanced they not only withstand extreme temperatures but also adapt in real-time, enhancing both safety and efficiency in explosive environments. 

We’re talking about smart sensor with AI capabilities, capable of predictive maintenance and hazard detection before they escalate. This isn’t just the future; it’s the imminent evolution of safety in high-risk zones, promising a new era where technology and human expertise converge to create unparalleled operational security. 

Other Gauges and Probes Available from Cygnus Instruments  

In addition to our Ex probe and ultrasonic thickness gauge, we at Cygnus Instruments supply other gauges and probes for various uses, including: 

Why Purchase High-Temperature Ex Probes from Us? 

Cygnus Instruments, rooted in the South West of the UK, has evolved from its origins in ship hull Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to become a global frontrunner in ultrasonic testing (UT) equipment across various industries. Our journey started in the 1970s with a shift from outdated equipment to the innovative “Multiple Echo” UT technique, now a staple in the industry, thanks to its reliability through thick marine coatings. 

Today, our legacy of innovation continues to thrive, extending our reach beyond marine inspection to sectors like oil & gas, subsea IRM, and beyond. Our products, known for their robustness and simplicity, include cutting-edge Echo-Echo and Single-Echo gauges, data loggers with live waveform, and unique solutions like the Hatch Sure leak detector and Flooded Member Detection unit. 

Our commitment to quality and customer-centric innovation is unwavering. As an ISO-9001 certified company with rigorous intrinsically safe certifications, we uphold the highest standards. Cygnus Instruments stands as a testament to enduring innovation, dedicated to providing ultrasonic solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability in the toughest environments. 

To learn more, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch with us using the contact details below. 

Customer Reviews  

Dive into the experiences of those who’ve partnered with us by visiting our reviews page. Discover firsthand accounts of how Cygnus Instruments has made a tangible difference in operations across various industries. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the words of our valued clients. 

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T5BH-Ex: Ideal for hot surfaces up to 300 degrees C

Frequency Crystal Ø5.0 MHz 8 mm (0.31 in) Nominal
Tip Size12 mm (0.47 in) Nominal
Range in Steel2.5 – 50 mm (0.1 – 1.97 in)
ConnectorsTwin Microdot 10-32
Surface Temperature50°C to 300°C (122°F to 572°F)



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