Ultrasonic Probes
To complement its range of ultrasonic thickness gauges, Cygnus Instruments offer a range of probes. The performance of any Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges relies heavily on the quality of the ultrasonic probe and its suitability to the material being measured, therefore selecting the correct probe is vital.

For optimum performance of an ultrasonic thickness gauge it is essential to use the appropriate probe (transducer) for the specific application.

Guidelines for Probe Selection

The probe (transducer) frequency required will be determined by the minimum thickness of the material to be measured. However, the lower the frequency the more effective the ultrasound will be at penetrating corrosion and coatings, if applicable.

Within our range we have single crystal probes (transducers) for use with gauges measuring using the Multiple-Echo Technique and twin crystal probes (transducers) for using with gauges in Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes.

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