Sales Team benefiting from remote working

Following on from how well our Operations team is doing to work around strict social distancing measures, our Sales department has also had to adjust to this difficult time by dispersing to their homes. The team has adapted brilliantly to communicating with one another remotely every day.  Remote working has had the effect of increasing the input from Ribu, our Regional Sales Manager based in Dubai and bringing the team closer.


Obviously, with a global economic slowdown, there are fewer enquiries to respond to and less product being bought. The team has set about catching up on providing product training and exploring new ways to communicate with customers.  Cygnus is delighted by this positive use of time and feels reassured we’ll come out of this stronger: we may never have had the opportunity or made the time to stop and do all this, with the day-to-day pressures of normal business life.


Our thoughts go out to everyone in our network during this difficult time, and we hope there are positives to be found for you all – big or small.