User Spotlight – Nick Vass, Marine Surveyor

Popular with marine surveyors, the Cygnus 4 ultrasonic thickness gauge was employed in the pre-purchase survey for a Migrant 36 steel cutter. Conducted ashore, the thickness gauging inspection covers the hull, superstructures, keel, and rudder. The hull has been coated with paint above the waterline and with epoxy resin and blue antifouling paint below the waterline. But thanks to the Cygnus-Pioneered Multiple Echo technique, the gauge was able to measure the remaining metal thickness without the need to remove coatings, giving through-coat measurements accurately and hassle-free. As a result, Nick was extremely happy with the device and remarked “Very good and very pleased”.

Also available, the Cygnus 4 PLUS offers data logging features to facilitate easy reporting while Single-Echo & Echo-Echo modes enabling reliable measurement on metals with heavy front or back wall corrosion or pitting.