END-CHECK call in to Cygnus

Dafley Ferreira and Luis Sergio Imada of END-CHECK called in to see us last week whilst on a visit to the UK.  Having used Cygnus equipment for 15 years they thought it was time to see where it is manufactured and put faces to names.

END-CHECK are a well-established inspection company located in Brazil who operate internationally and offer a range of NDT services (www.endcheck.com.br).

END-CHECK have used a range of Cygnus thickness gauges and also leak detection equipment over the years and were interested to learn more about our newest product, the Cygnus DIVE Underwater. We are always happy to welcome customers to Cygnus House to talk about our products, discuss applications and listen to any feed-back.

From right to left: Dafley Ferreira of END-CHECK, Graham Haines of Cygnus,
Luis Sergio Imada of END-CHECK and Jenny Ashdown of Cygnus