Cygnus Underwater Gauge Survives Perfectly After Lying on the Seabed for Over 3 Years!!!

Cygnus Underwater, the original diver-held thickness gauge, has long been a standard tool for divers carrying out thickness gauging. The instrument is pressure rated to 300 m depth, which exceeds the maximum depth divers are safe to go. The Cygnus-Pioneered Multiple Echo technique is employed to ignore coatings and gives only accurate, error-checked measurements.

Lamnalco, the leading international terminal operator has recently retrieved a Cygnus Underwater thickness gauge, which was lost during a subsea operation in the Black Sea. Russell Harper, the Diving Manager at Lamnalco, said ‘This unit has been lying on the seabed in the Black Sea at – 50 msw for more than 3 years. The condition still looks very good!’ The gauge was sent to Cygnus’ long-standing distributor and authorised service centre in the UAE, Unique Systems FZE, for inspection. Unique Systems FZE reported ‘Besides battery replacement, the unit is as good as new!’ Time and again the Cygnus Underwater has proved itself to be extremely robust and durable for divers checking metal thickness of ships, offshore structures, subsea pipelines, pilings, jetties, piers, dock gates, bridge footings. For over 25 years Cygnus has given divers peace of mind whilst operating underwater.

In addition, Cygnus Underwater has flexible and easy-to-upgrade options of a topside display unit and software enabling the surface crew to oversee an operation. Other diver-friendly features include a large bright LED display for poor visibility; the automatic probe recognition (APR) that optimises the gauge according to the probe used; 2 rechargeable battery packs for 60 hours’ continuous measurement. Under the Deep-Coat mode, Cygnus Underwater can measure through coatings up to 20mm thick.

For more information, please visit the Cygnus Underwater product page.