Almost anyone who has received delivery of Cygnus equipment, shipped from our HQ, may recognise the name, the cheerful tone and the exceptional export service or speed of dispatch. These hallmarks of Lesley’s high standards and highly personalised customer service have been a constant and an important part of our brand, over the majority of the company’s history.

On Friday 14th Feb, Cygnus turned 37 years old and the week before last we congratulated Lesley on being an “Operational rock” for Cygnus for 30 of those years. Wayne Brown, our Ops Director personally thanked her for making his life so much easier!

Lesley plays a big part internally co-ordinating our Operations, as well as her customer-interfacing logistics and export role. We rely on Lesley’s experience to spot potential issues early on and to know what Customs in various corners of the world may require on any given day!

Aside from her encyclopaedic memory and courier-charming powers, Lesley’s greatest strength lies in the ownership she takes of her shipping role. Every last shipment is perfect and yet she flies through her work, never gives up and continues to learn and adapt our processes to meet the needs of our constantly changing world. We’re very lucky and proud to have Lesley on the team and wish to keep her for another 30 years!