Application Spotlight – Undercarriage Inspection

In Construction and Mining, machine performance is integral to a project’s success and cost efficiency. Undercarriage can make up more than 50% of the maintenance costs of a machine. Any component failures could lead to serious delays or costly replacements.


Integrated with Cygnus 4+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, TrackTreads developed an Undercarriage Tool to monitor a machine’s undercarriage quickly and effectively. Thickness Measurements are taken on each undercarriage component using Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – a truly simple to use and accurate thickness gauging device. Connected to a mobile application via Blue Tooth, the data is used to calculate percentage worn and record images and observations. Inspections can be done offline and then synced with the cloud, making the inspection hassle-free.

Typical components measured using the UT are Track Rollers, Carrier Rollers, Shoes (before re-barring), Bushes, Links, and in some cases, idlers.

Proper undercarriage management using TrackTreads Ultrasonic Tool provides various benefits, including:

• Immediate percent worn calculations and comparisons with prior inspection measurements, meaning efficiency and accuracy
• Identifying problems causing excessive wear rates
• Matching components and actions to gain as close to 100% life
• Forecasting component replacements to reduce emergency delivery costs and unplanned downtime
• Matching components to the correct environment – preventing premature excessive wear
• Allowing management of mixed brand fleets – Tracks treads support all brands with inspection reports in a standardised format across the fleet.

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