Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement

Are you looking for a device that will give provide an accurate result for ultrasonic wall thickness measurement every time? If you are, then you need to call the team at Cygnus Instruments today on +44 (0)1305 265533. Our range of ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment is unrivaled in the industry, so let us know your requirements and we’ll help you choose the perfect device for surfacing thickness testing.

Superior Devices For Surface Thickness Testing

When it comes to ultrasonic wall thickness measurement, there is no substitute for a device from Cygnus Instruments. Our pioneering and innovative team of engineers, designers, and technicians are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve our range.

You can be sure that when you have a surface thickness testing device from Cygnus Instruments at your side, you’ll have a major advantage over any others using inferior equipment. Our latest Mk V range is equipped with the latest in ultrasonic technology to give exceptional accuracy and comprehensive functionality.

Truly Inclusive Range

Our ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment range is the most varied on the market, and offers functionality and reliability above any others. Whether you are looking for a device for ultrasonic wall thickness measurement that is straightforward and simple or a streamlined yet extensively functional, we have the device for you.
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement

The Cygnus 1 Intrinsically safe is perfect for a user looking to complete ultrasonic wall thickness measurement on similar materials without re-calibrating or changing the device’s settings. It features a shockproof construction and is an example of one of the most easily used pieces of equipment for ultrasonic wall thickness measurement.

At the other end of the scale, we have the Cygnus 6+ Pro, which is the most impressive device available around the world. It has complete functional range, including the ability to utilize all three methods for ultrasonic wall thickness measurement (Single Echo, Echo-Echo, and Multiple Echo).

Multiple Echo Surface Thickness Testing

Almost every piece of ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment around the world uses the Multiple Echo method of measurement and it was developed and pioneered right here at Cygnus Instruments.

After the development of this method, it was almost immediately recognized as the best option for obtaining reliable results whenever the surface that’s being measured had some kind of coating. This coating could be lacquer, rust, dirt, or anything else that could cause inaccuracy in the measurement.

The Multiple Echo measurement method uses a series of echo timings to eliminate the incongruence caused by the coating. This method of ultrasonic wall thickness measurement allows coatings to be ignored up to a depth of 6mm (or 22mm with Deep-Coat mode). This method utilizes single crystal probes, as opposed to Echo-Echo and Single Echo using twin crystal probes.

Why Choose Our Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Equipment?

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we have over 30 years of experience leading the industry to ever greater heights. Our equipment is used in many countries across the world, and our worldwide shipping can deliver your new device to over 30 different countries. No matter your industry, you will be able to find the perfect device to suit your specific requirements in our range.

On top of providing equipment for use in normal environments, we also have a range of devices that are designed for underwater usage, flooded member detection, and hatch cover leak detection. Our underwater equipment also has examples of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) mountable tools that can dive up to 4km under the surface of the sea and still measure accurately.

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