Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Price

Are you currently browsing the internet to find out which company is offering the lowest ultrasonic thickness gauge price available? The answer is Cygnus Instruments – the manufacturer of the highest quality thickness gauges and other equipment for more than 30 years. To speak to one of our friendly team members about our excellent products, give us a call now on +441305265533.

Our ultrasonic thickness gauge price

The ultrasonic thickness gauges by Cygnus Instruments measure using the Multiple Echo Technique. This technology that we have perfected will offer accurate metal thickness measurements that are error-checked. Multiple pulses are used to provide verified thickness readings. It will also allow coatings of up to 20 mm in thickness to be ignored. When it comes to the ultrasonic thickness gauge that Cygnus Instruments offer, you will not find a more cost effective option anywhere else on the market. Our surface thickness gauges are NDT (non-destructive testing) instruments that will allow an accurate metal thickness measurement to be taken from only one side. This means that the removal of protective coatings will not be necessary and there will be no damage to test materials. This range of products also features our multiple echo technology. Regardless of which specific product you end up choosing, the ultrasonic thickness gauge that Cygnus Instruments will offer you will not be beaten by any of our competitors. Please check out the rest of our website to see our full range of available products including:

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Price

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Range

At Cygnus instruments, we offer a number of different gauges that fall into five categories of gauge. All of our gauges use the multiple-echo technique for accurate readings, and all results are error-checked automatically. It’s the perfect range of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) instruments for thickness checking. Generally, UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement) is used to measure the thickness of steel, aluminum and other materials that only have one side accessible to the surveyor. Things like pipes, hulls and fuselages are common examples. Fuselages tend to require more advanced gauges due to being comprised of composite material sheets, where there are multiple layers of different materials bonded together. We offer gauges specifically designed for different purposes, including:

The process consists of measuring three backwall echoes, and the first return echo detection will include coating thickness as well and can, therefore, skew the thickness measurement. The reason we use the multiple echo technique is that coatings usually have a sonic velocity that is one third the value of steel. This means the pulse takes three times longer to travel the same distance through a coating than it does the steel or metal underneath. A single echo gauge will measure the thickness of the steel and three times the thickness of the coating. This is why three echoes are used because the coating thickness is eliminated from the results resulting in an accurate reading of the material itself. The first pulse will travel through the coating of a material twice, once on initial pulse and once after reverberating off the backwall. This will produce an equation of T1 = 2n + 2(3N), where T is time for the echo, n is the thickness of the material and N is the coating thickness. The first ultrasonic wave will partially echo back through the material, when it reaches the boundary between the material and coating. This produces another reading, which will give the equation T2 = 2n + 3N because the second echo has only passed through the coating once. A second repetition of the process gives T3 = 2n + 3N. T2 and T3 will be the same, within a small margin accounting for material and coating density fluctuations. Therefore using T1 and the average for T2 and T3, our instruments solve them as simultaneous equations to eliminate the value for the coating, and thus give you an accurate measurement for the material’s thickness alone.

Surface Thickness Gauges

The most commonly used thickness detection gauges, they’ve got limitless applications. Our Cygnus 6+ Pro is the best of the best, unparalleled on the market. It has all the features a professional user would need, such as; A-Scan, Real-time B-Scan, manual and automatic gain control and comprehensive data logging. There are two displays, one face mounted and another smaller top mounted LCD screen with grey-scale settings for bright sunlight. Using our multiple echo measurement setting, the resolution is a market leading 0.05 – 0.1mm, with an accuracy of ±0.1mm or 0.1% of thickness measurement (whichever is greater). Its flexibility in the field is unbeatable, and its echo detection covers sonic velocities between 1000 – 9000 m/s. This range is enough to cover almost every material used in modern engineering. Featuring a dual-channel pulser, 2.4” LCD screen and top-mounted rotatable LCD screen, 10-hour battery life and a data storage capacity of up to 5,000 points. The data is stored on a removable SD card and the 6+ Pro can generate surveys and reports in exportable PDF files. Raw data is exportable as CSV files and can be used for graphical and statistical analysis. We guarantee you won’t find more advanced surfaces gauges on the market. For full technical specifications and more information on our full range, please see our Surface Thickness Gauges.

Underwater Thickness Gauges

The Cygnus Underwater range is designed to accurately determine wastage and corrosion for water bound metallic objects, including; ship hulls, semi sub-structures, anchor chains, subsea pipelines, offshore structures and many more. Similar to the 6+ Pro surface gauge, it has an optimal operating temperature of -10°C to +50°C and a sonic velocity range of 2,000 – 9,000 m/s. It’s able to handle almost any scenario and accurately measure virtually every engineering material. The whole device weighs less than a kilogram, so it’s convenient and is rated to a depth of 300m.It’s understandable that being submerged will limit your access to a charging point, so the NiMH rechargeable battery pack can sustain continuous measuring for up to 30 hours. It also comes with two options, either for a fixed head probe for one-handed use or a corded probe. The design incorporates the ability to change probes as well, depending on the requirements, and features Auto-Probe Recognition for plug-and-play convenience. For our full range of underwater gauges, please see our Underwater Thickness Gauges. Technical specifications and a complete list of features and options are available as well.

ROV Thickness Gauges

For more hazardous environments, there are options for ROV mounted thickness gauges, such as our M5-ROV-2K and M5-ROV-4K. The ROV gauges supply the data to the surface via an RS-422 serial link, and cables are available up to 1,200m length. For depths that go beyond the cable’s maximum reach the data output is in RS-232 mode. As the model names suggest, the M5-ROV-2K is suitable for depths of up to 2,000m or two kilometers. Likewise the M5-ROV-4K can reach depths of up to 4,000m. Please see the Cygnus ROV Mountable product pages for more detailed information.

Ultrasonic Probes

We offer two different probe types; twin crystal and single crystal. Using a 3-point coding system, you can easily identify which probes you have and/or which probes you will need to complete your work. An example of a code is T5A. The T specifies the type of probe it is, in this case it’s a twin crystal probe. The 5 signifies the probe is designed to produce a 5MHz frequency, and A indicates the crystal size featured in that particular model; A is 5-6mm, B is 8mm, C is 13mm and D is 19mm. Therefore T5A shows it’s a twin crystal probe that produces a 5MHz frequency and uses 5-6mm crystals. If you would like to see the full technical specifications for the Twin Crystal Probes and Single Crystal Probes, they’re available on the relevant product pages.

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Here at Cygnus Instruments, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service skills and unparalleled aftersales support. We believe that this personalized approach combined with our innovative products makes us a fully rounded company you can trust to offer you the best ultrasonic thickness gauge available anywhere. On our easily navigable website, you will find a wide range of useful resources including our ultrasonic thickness gauge. You will be able to read answers to some of our frequently asked questions in our FAQs section. Once you have purchased a product, make sure you fill out our product registration form to activate your free 3-year warranty. Cygnus Instruments was first founded in 1983. We are the pioneers of the multiple echo technique that has since become the accepted industry standard for measuring material thickness through coating. The gap in the market we found for a handheld device to successfully enable this is what initially drove us to create our now famous gauges. We believe in achieving simplicity through technology which is why all of our ultrasonic thickness gauges are robust and user friendly. They have been specifically engineered to withstand even the harshest environment and weather conditions. Having achieved great success in this area has inspired us to develop even further which is why we are constantly investing in market research and new product development. We also put a massive emphasis on closely listening to the feedback and recommendations that our customers give us. Why not take a look at ultrasonic thickness gauge testing a demonstration videos on our YouTube channel to see the level of precision and quality that goes into our product.

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