Surface Thickness Gauge

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Your Perfect Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Gauge

Surface thickness gauge
If you are in a profession, or you are part of a company, which utilizes any sort of surface thickness gauge, then you are probably familiar with Cygnus Instruments already. Our name has become synonymous with innovation and superior thickness testing equipment throughout many industry sectors around the world. Our far-reaching range of products will include surface thickness gauges that will fulfill all of your requirements and more. We have designs that are simple and ergonomic, as well as designs that are comprehensive and offer unparalleled functionality and flexibility.

Sometimes, less is more

When it comes to needing a surface thickness gauge that needs to do one job and do it accurately and reliably, you are most likely not going to need a device that performs a multitude of functions that you will never use. This is where the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe excels. The simplistic design is mirrored by the straightforward nature of its functionality. It has enough functions to be able to handle a variety of environments and scenarios, but not so many that you will become frustrated by trying to find the right option. It comes with three probe options, and each one provides a different range of thicknesses it can accurately measure. These ranges and options used steel as the benchmark, and are as follows:

  • 3 – 250 mm with 2.25 MHz probe
  • 2 – 150 mm with a 3.5 MHz probe
  • 1 – 50 mm with 5 MHz probe

All three probes for this surface thickness gauges are single crystal and therefore use our multiple echo measurement method. The sealed, shock-proof, and rugged case of the Cygnus 1 means it will hold up in the most challenging environments.

When you really do need more

In some industries, you will need to perform a number of different functions with an ultrasonic thickness measurement gauge. This can mean that a lot of devices don’t have the scope to do everything you need – that’s not the case with the Cygnus 6+ Pro. This particular example of thickness testing equipment has unparalleled capabilities, and it is compatible with both single crystal and double crystal probes. This means it can use all three measurement techniques; multiple echoes (single crystal), echo-echo (double crystal), and single echo (double crystal). It features a generously sized LCD main screen and a top-mounted, rotatable OLED screen, which both adjust to light conditions for adaptive display. As with all of our designs, its case is shock-proof to prevent damage to the internal systems if it’s dropped.

Why is using an ultrasonic thickness measurement gauge better?

Our range includes a number of different surface thickness gauge products for a host of different scenarios. However, they all share a few basic features. This method of surface thickness measurement has become the industry standard due to its non-destructive process. This means it can be used in environments where the slightest spark or ignition source could mean disaster. This is particularly useful for testing material loss and corrosion on pipelines that are sealed and in use. For the top tier, Cygnus 6+ Pro, the range of ultrasonic velocity measurement ranges between 1000m/s and 9000m/s – this covers almost every engineering material in use today. Even the most straightforward surface thickness gage we offer, the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe, measures between 2000m/s and 7000m/s which covers the vast majority of common engineering materials. With our multiple echo method, you can eliminate the coating, so the surface thickness tester will only measure the material itself. This can be invaluable for pipelines and other critical elements like ship hulls, and more.

Why Come To Cygnus Instruments?

Cygnus Instruments was founded in 1983, and it didn’t take long for us to make our mark. We pioneered the multiple echo measurement method which has revolutionized the industry. It was so momentous that the industry standard was changed to incorporate this new method. Since then, we have used our passion and innovation to produce the best range of ultrasonic surface thickness gauges. Our products are used all over the world because companies and professionals know that there is no alternative to a Cygnus. Our gauges are used in areas such as:

On top of gauges that are used above sea level, our range of underwater and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) mounted gauges give you unbeatable performance for thickness measurement under the water’s surface. One example, the M5-ROV-4K, is a vehicle-mounted gauge that can measure accurately up to depths of 4000 meters below sea level.

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