Cygnus G1 Probe Handler

Observation Class ROV Probe Handler

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The Cygnus G1 Probe Handler is designed for use on Observation, Inspection and Light-work class ROVs.

Constructed from acetyl with 316 Stainless Steel fixings. Strong and Lightweight the G1 ROV Probe Handler features an adjustable mounting bracket allowing optimum positioning of the UT probe. The UT probe is located in an articulated mount that allows up to 15 degrees of movement in both planes, thereby allowing automatic alignment of the probe face to the measurement surface,making the ROV pilot’s job easier.

Please see more information on VideoRay ROV Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Gage using the Cygnus Mini ROV thickness gage and probe handlers.

Ordering Information

When ordering the G1 Probe Handler you must order the appropriate probe separately.

Example : 001-8351 + 001-8355 =
G1 Probe Holder and Probe with MCIL2M Connection

Size 3.6” x 4.6” x 6.5” (92 mm 116 mm x 166 mm)
Weight 0.66 lbs (0.3 kg)
Depth Rating 2000 msw
Materials Acetyl with 316 Stainless Steel Fixings
Probe Cable 3 ft (0.95 m) Double Jacket Coaxial (other lengths at special request)
Warranty (Handler) 3 Years
Warranty (Probe) 6 Months
Part Number 001-8351 Cygnus G1 Probe Handler


Probe Types 2.25 MHz 01/2″ (13 mm) with membrane
(3.5 MHz and 5 MHz at special request)

Probe Connectors

MCIL2M for G1 Probe Handler Part No. 001-8335 (2.25MHz)
Nosecone for G1 Probe Handler Part No. 001-8334 (2.25 MHz)

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