Cygnus DIVE – for Divers and Topside Inspection Engineers

Subsea 7 one of the world’s leading subsea engineering contractors gave the Cygnus DIVE a huge thumbs up!

Divers have been very impressed with the large colour TFT screen that displays the thickness measurements in clear and easy to read numbers.  Dave Johnson, Diver at Subsea 7, said: “The screen is the best thing about this meter as it was so easy for the diver and inspection engineers to view it at the same time!”  Dereck Moore, Dive Supervisor, added: “The screen is very good to read off for inspection engineers. Conveniently, you don’t have to adjust the diver’s helmet light.”

Like all Cygnus products, the DIVE has been designed with simplicity in mind with only two buttons for quick and easy menu navigation. This is reflected in Diver, David Walton’s comment: “The Cygnus DIVE is a blessing to use.  Inspection engineers can talk divers through steps easily.” Another Diver, Ryan Jones also added: “This gauge is very simple to use and reads quickly.”

The data logging version of Cygnus DIVE has been a popular choice, allowing up to 5,000 measurements together with their individual A Scans to be stored without any button to press.  The A Scan facility on DIVE offers further verification of valid thickness measurements and visually displays the returning echoes. The Deep Coat function allows the Cygnus DIVE to measure metal thickness through coatings up to 20mm thick.

The Topside Options include DIVELink software to data log readings and store A-Scans on the surface and a Topside Display unit with video overlay capabilities to display thickness measurements on the video monitor.

The optional HelmetView remotely displays thickness measurements via a display fitted to the divers helmet, ideal for surveys in black water or in limited visibility.

For more information, please visit Cygnus DIVE Underwater product page.