ATEX Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Explosive Atmospheres

Are you looking to procure specialist ATEX ultrasonic thickness gauge testers? Then look no further as Cygnus Instruments has an impeccable reputation as the leading manufacturer of high-spec ultrasonic thickness gauges. We’re proud to supply cutting-edge ATEX-certified ultrasonic thickness gauge testers that are designed use in explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments.

These intrinsically safe thickness gauges are widely used in industries across the globe, from power plants to oil and gas refineries and offshore platforms. Each ATEX thickness gauge has been designed to work in a way that’s safe and won’t inadvertently trigger a potentially lethal explosion. With an ATEX device, your employees can carry out their tasks with absolute peace of mind.

All our ATEX ultrasonic thickness gauges are designed and built by us. Each one comes with Multiple-Echo mode as standard, with ‘+’ variants available if you require Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes. To learn more, keep reading or phone Cygnus Instruments today on +44 (0) 1305 265 533.

Thickness Testing Coupled with Unbeatable Protection

Introducing the Cygnus 1 Ex Advanced Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – the epitome of reliability and safety for thickness measurements in hazardous environments. Designed for Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres, it’s perfect for use in fuel depots, chemical plants, oil and gas sectors, and more.

This rugged, handheld device is certified Intrinsically Safe to ATEX, IECEx, and UKEX for Zone 0, ensuring utmost safety without the need for hot work permits.

Its key features include the upcoming high-temperature measurement capability, three measuring modes for varied corrosion levels and materials, and the Deep Coat function for ignoring thick coatings.

The Manual Measurement Mode allows tailored gate and gain settings, while the Live A-Scans and B-scans offer visual measurement verification and quick cross-sectional views.

The Cygnus 1 Ex is designed for ease of use, with four function keys facilitating dynamic controls and views, and a User Access feature to ensure data security. The device’s setup can be saved and restored for quick operation, and it includes a Measurement Freeze function and Ref/Min/Max thickness limits.

Durable with an IP67 rated enclosure, it also features a Bluetooth connection for seamless data transfer to CygLink. Available in SC, TC, PLUS, and PRO variants, it offers a range of upgradeable features to suit diverse applications.


The Cygnus 1 Ex accommodates a wide range of materials, with a sound velocity range from 1000 m/s to 9000 m/s [0.0390 in/us to 0.3543 in/us]. Accuracy is paramount, and this device delivers with an impressive ±0.1 mm (±0.004”) or 0.1% of thickness measurement, whichever is greater. The resolution is adaptable, offering 0.1mm, 0.05mm, or 0.01mm depending on the probe type used.

Battery life is robust, providing 6-8 hours of continuous measurement and powering the display, which is a user-friendly 3.5” VGA, sunlight-readable colour screen, perfect for outdoor work.

Its size is practical for field use, standing at 270mm tall, 135mm wide, and 80mm deep, and it weighs just 1 kg with the battery included. Designed to withstand challenging conditions, it boasts an IP67 environmental protection rating and is suitable for pollution degree 3 environments.

Meeting the rigorous standards of BS EN 15317:2000, this ATEX gauge is a testament to quality and reliability.

For a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, a full list of specifications is available on the relevant product page.

Compatible Probes

Our ATEX-certified gauge is available on various variants (listed below). All variants (except the TC variant) are compatible with single crystal probes. Conversely, all variants (except the SC variant) are compatible with twin crystal probes.

Twin crystal probes are ideally suited to measuring heavily corroded metals in single echo or echo-echo modes. While single crystal probes favour recording measurements in multiple echo mode.

Available Variants

There exists four variants of our ATEX gauge:

  • SC (Single Crystal use only)
  • TC (Twin Crystal use only)
  • PLUS Variant (Single and Twin Crystal use)
  • PRO Variant (Single and Twin Crystal use)

Both the SC and TC variants support 1- & 2-point calibration, materials list, and measurement hold. The SC variant supports Deep Coat mode, while the TC variant comes with auto probe detection.

The PLUS and PRO variants support all measuring modes and introduce a slew of additional features with the PRO sporting the maximum range, such as high-temperature capability and data logging.

Understanding ATEX Certification for Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

ATEX certification signifies compliance with essential health and safety requirements, particularly crucial for equipment like atex ultrasonic thickness gauges used in explosive atmospheres. This certification ensures that such devices are meticulously designed to prevent ignition and withstand extreme conditions.

In hazardous environments, such as oil refineries or chemical plants, ATEX-certified gauges provide the assurance of safe operation, mitigating the risk of accidents in these sensitive areas.

Key Features of ATEX-Certified Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

ATEX-certified ultrasonic thickness gauges are designed for safety in explosive environments. Key features include intrinsically safe circuits preventing ignition, robust enclosures to withstand harsh conditions, and compliance with strict ATEX directives.

Their design specifications ensure no electrical sparks or heat generation, while technological adaptations like low-energy signals and specialised sensors enhance safe operation in volatile atmospheres, ensuring both accuracy and utmost safety.

Choosing the Right ATEX-Certified Gauge for Your Needs

When choosing the right ATEX-certified ultrasonic thickness gauge, consider the environment where it will be used; Zone 0 certifications are crucial for explosive atmospheres. Prioritise measurement accuracy to suit your specific application needs.

Durability is key, so look for robust construction and environmental protection ratings. Additionally, assess functionalities like multiple measurement modes, live scans, and data transfer capabilities to ensure the gauge meets your operational requirements.

Maintenance and Safety Guidelines for ATEX-Certified Gauges

Maintaining ATEX-certified ultrasonic thickness gauges is crucial for ensuring both longevity and safety in hazardous environments. Regular maintenance routines should include routine calibration and battery checks. Safety checks are essential, particularly inspecting for any signs of wear or damage before each use.

Adhering to best practices, such as following manufacturer guidelines and storing the device in a safe, clean environment, is key to preserving its functionality and ensuring safe operation in explosive atmospheres.

Other Available Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

In addition to our Cygnus 1 option, we also stock a wide range of gauges for a multitude of applications, including:

Why Should You Purchase ATEX-certified Thickness Gauges from Us?

Choose Cygnus Instruments for unmatched expertise and reliability. With over 40 years of pioneering innovation in ultrasonic thickness gauging, we offer a diverse range of ATEX-certified products suited for various industries.

Our global presence and highly trained team ensure you receive not just a product but a partnership in precision, safety, and enduring quality.

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