Ultrasonic Transducer

If you’re looking for an ultrasonic transducer that will give you accurate thickness readings, look no further than Cygnus Instruments. We’ve got a huge range of ultrasonic thickness gauges that will give you unparalleled performance and value for money. Call us today on +441305265533  for more information or to place an order for an ultrasonic transducer or ultrasonic probe.

Our range of Ultrasonic Transducers and Probes

Ultrasonic transducer

At Cygnus Instruments, we’ve been developing, designing, manufacturing, and selling various models of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic probe attachments. Our products are pioneering, and our technology has helped change the industry standard for thickness measurement and ultrasonic testing equipment. Our instruments are rugged, durable, and feature long battery lives. This makes them perfect for industrial and professional use that will see them used in harsh environments and for long periods of time. All of our ultrasonic transducer instruments are designed to be shock-proof, so if they are accidentally dropped on the job, the device will be unharmed internally. The disparity between Cygnus Instruments and other suppliers of ultrasonic testing equipment is vast, and we’ve been leading the industry for over 30 years. Our development of the multiple-echo thickness measurement system revolutionized the market and industry standards.

What Is Multiple-Echo?

This is the measurement system that uses three timings for an echo detection. A Single pulse is sent into the material, which reverberates off the back wall of the metal. The initial pulse travels through the thickness of the material’s coating twice, and the depth of the material twice (once on the way through, once on the way back after echoing). The second and third readings will denote the material coating and two times the material thickness. The difference in the readings gives our ultrasonic testing equipment the ability to eliminate the thickness of the material’s coating. It eliminates this using a pair of equations, solved simultaneously, and can be simplified to T1 = 2n + 2(3N), T2 = T3 = 2n + 3N, where T is time for the echo, n is the thickness of the material and N is the coating thickness. The ultrasonic wave will travel through the coating three times slower than the material itself, on average. This is why there is 3N, because the coating will appear 3 times thicker due to the instrument being calibrated for the material.

What Do We Offer?

Our range of options is extensive and comprehensive. Our most basic ultrasonic transducer is the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe, which features a single crystal ultrasonic probe for multiple-echo measurement. It features an easy-to-use ergonomic body and selectable ultrasonic probe frequency. The Cygnus 1 ultrasonic testing equipment is a heavy duty sealed unit, making it dust proof and mildly waterproof so it can be used in the rain and humid environments. It’s suitable for zone 0 and zone one hazardous areas, and doesn’t require a plant shutdown permit or hot work permit to use on site. Our top of the range ultrasonic testing equipment comes in the form of our Cygnus 6+ Pro. Designed for the professional user it gives you unbeatable data recording, analysis, and exporting capabilities. It is also compatible with a single or double ultrasonic probe so using multiple-echo, echo-echo, and single echo measurement methods. Capable to recording 5000 data points in a single record, it’s phenomenal data collections can be exported via Bluetooth or a removable SD-card. Our range is accurate to ±0.1% or ±0.1mm, whichever is greater. It can measure the thickness of a material that is between 1mm and 250mm thick, depending on the selected frequency. It measures the thickness of any material that has an sonic conduction velocity of between 2000m/s and 7000m/s, which encompasses the vast majority of commonly used engineering materials in modern use.

Why Us?

Cygnus Instruments has been a world leader for ultrasonic testing equipment for over 30 years. Our pioneering ideas push the boundaries of what we think is possible, and it helps us produce exceptional equipment. Our ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic probe ranges are unique in their build quality and ease of use. We are an ISO-9001 certified company, and our intrinsically safe certifications (BASEEFA and CSA) means we are constantly audited to ensure superiority is maintained. All of our equipment is manufactured in the UK using the highest standard of production methods and only original, genuine parts – including Lemo® Connectors.

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