Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gage Manufacturers

As the world-leading experts and ultrasonic thickness gauge suppliers, we’ve gained a vast pool of knowledge surrounding the methodologies and procedures of creating exceptional devices. Our extensive range of instruments are designed with user convenience in mind, whilst producing flawless results and accurate records. We have gauges that are suitable for many different scenarios and environments, and versatility is one of the reasons why we’re regarded highly as ultrasonic thickness gauge suppliers. Our range of products includes:

We use the latest methods, whilst spear-heading the progression of ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers.

Surface Thickness Gauges

From the simple and effective to the comprehensive and professional, we’re ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers that provide for many industries. Whether you need something to measure thickness and produce consistent results in the same format or you need multiple formats, graphing and exportable files, our ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers have something to suit your needs.

When You Need Quick and Easy

Our Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe is a perfect example of the simple and effective. It’s durable and ergonomic design consists of a shock-proof housing for the complex array of electrical equipment inside. The deceivingly simply design of the case does a perfect job of protecting the sensitive internal systems, and because it’s a sealed unit, it’s dust-proof and semi-waterproof. It utilizes an easy to read LCD screen that can be adjusted to account for variable light conditions. The single-crystal probe provides multiple-echo measuring capabilities that are accurate to an astonishing ±0.1mm or 0.1% (whichever is greater). Cygnus Instruments, ultrasonic thickness gauge suppliers, engineered it to have a sonic velocity measurement range of 2000m/s to 7000m/s. This ensures that it’s accurate for the vast majority of commonly used engineering materials. Its simplistic design is perfect for quick and easy measurements, where there is little to no variation in the type of recordings and data you’re collecting. Although, not every industry is limited to singular data types and measurement requirements. If you’re needing a vast array of data types, readings, or need to use multiple measurement methods, our ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers have developed the Cygnus 6+ Pro. It has the capability to use all three types of measurements; multiple-echo (using single crystal probes), echo-echo, and single-echo (both use double crystal probes). This increases its usability scope to unprecedented levels.

For The Professional User

As the crowning jewel of the latest Mark 5 range, the Cygnus 6+ Pro has unequaled comprehensiveness. It utilizes a front-facing LCD screen, and a top mounted, rotatable OLED screen which adjusts to accommodate different light levels. For single-echo and echo-echo, it employs our MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator), developed by our team in our ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers for pinpoint accuracy. Its multiple-echo mode can be calibrated for ‘Deep-Coat Mode’ which can measure the material’s thickness under a coating up to 20mm thick. As with the Cygnus 1, its casing is a sealed unit and designed to be shock-proof, so any minor impacts aren’t going to damage the internals. The data logging features are unrivaled by any ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers. A removable SD-card and Bluetooth capability see that data transfer is an easy task. The instrument allows the addition of comments and radial points to collected data, so you can record your thoughts and notes in the record itself. It features an auto-log feature and can record up to 5000 data points in a single record. Combining this with its wrist-mountable characteristics make it supremely convenient for collecting a lot of data in rapid succession. For more information, specifications, and other customization options take a look at the Cygnus 6+ Pro for yourself.

Why Are We The Best Choice for Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Suppliers?

Over the last 30 years, we’ve invested heavily in research and development. This enthusiasm and dedication to progression helped us pioneer the multiple-echo system for thickness measurement. Our methods were quickly adopted as the industry standard, thanks to the sheer accuracy and reliability of the results. Our range of products from our ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers ensures there is an option perfectly suited to your requirements. The durability, flexibility, and adaptability make our range unbeaten. Cygnus Instruments provide gauges to a vast range of industries across the world, and we have worldwide logistics for shipping so you can always get your hands on a Cygnus.

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