Ultrasonic Testing Equipment Suppliers

Are you currently in the process of trawling through all the websites of various ultrasonic testing equipment suppliers to establish who the genuine market leader is? We have good news as your quest is finally over now that you have arrived at Cygnus Instruments. As the pioneers of multiple echo technology, you can rely on our team of innovators. Call us any time on +441305265533  for more information about our equipment and prices.

Our Ultrasonic Testing Equipment Manufacturers

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we boast the largest range of high-quality products out of any ultrasonic testing equipment companies currently working. Please follow the links below to find out more about each product category including:

Ultrasonic Testing Equipment Suppliers

We believe in technology through simplicity. When you buy a meter from our ultrasonic testing equipment suppliers, you will find it to be very robust and simple to use. With an understandable user interface and a sturdy build, ours is a gauge you can rely upon, whatever the weather.

As a company, we are known as much for our excellent products as for our fantastic aftersales services. All of our gauges come with a free 3-year warranty. Once you have purchased your meter from our ultrasonic testing equipment manufacturers, fill out our product registration form online to activate this great feature.

Additionally, we are continually investing in product development and market research. We believe in an approach that is application-driven and fully focused on the end user. This is why we always put a huge emphasis on listening to the feedback and recommendations of our customers. Over the years, we have greatly raised the standard for accurate thickness measurement devices through thousands of hours of research and investment.

Why Choose Cygnus Instruments Over Other Ultrasonic Testing Equipment Companies?

Our reputation as ultrasonic testing equipment suppliers you can trust precedes us. You will be hard-pressed to find another company with our proven track record of excellence and loyal client base. We are very happy to say that many people across various industries order our products after a colleague has recommended them.

Founded in 1983, we have gone from strength to strength during our thirty plus years of successful operation. We are responsible for pioneering the multiple echo technique that has since become the industry standard for measuring thickness through coatings. Despite our great level of success as ultrasonic testing equipment suppliers, we are still continually looking to grow even further and extend our range.

Please allow me to extend my thanks to you and your team. In all my years of management, I have never come across a company with such a positive, professional and quite frankly outstanding attitude as yours. It’s been a pleasure working with Dave and yourself, and I know I speak for my team here that we look forward to doing business and conquering the next challenge with you. Hopefully not too soon, though! All the best and once again, thank you for a great service.” –Reece McAllister, Customer Testimonial for Cygnus Instruments Ultrasonic Testing Equipment Suppliers

It should be clear based on the above information that other ultrasonic testing equipment manufacturers will simply not be able to match everything that Cygnus Instruments brings to the table. Should you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are always here to help our customers and we look forward to hearing from you very soon. There are several fast efficient ways that you can get in contact with our ultrasonic testing equipment suppliers. Please use one of the handy methods that have been outlined for your benefit below.

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Have you now been freed from any doubt about Cygnus Instruments being the established leader among all the ultrasonic testing equipment suppliers in the industry? Reach out to us absolutely any time! You can speak to a friendly member of our customer care team by either calling +441305265533 or filling out our simple online request form with some basic details. We will get back to you very shortly!