Cygnus Heavy Duty

Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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Cygnus Instruments have designed the Cygnus Heavy Duty ultrasonic thickness gauge for use in tough and demanding environments where a rugged construction is essential to accurately gauge corrosion measurement and determine metal thickness without having to removing protective coatings.

The Cygnus Heavy Duty is dirt resistant, dust resistant and water resistant. Its shock-proof construction takes into account the unstable environments in which corrosion thickness measurements and structural inspections are performed, resulting in a metal thickness gauge that is able to withstand accidental drops, bangs and knocks

Cygnus Instruments builds all of its equipment in the UK using only genuine and original parts and components – including Lemo® Connectors and Peli® Cases.



  • Heavy duty sealed unit – highly water / dirt / dust resistant
  • Deep-Coat mode for measuring through coatings up to 20 mm (0.787 in) thick (upon request)
  • Rugged construction – shock proof
  • Stable calibration – linear accuracy – no zero adjustment
  • Self verification of the measurements to ensure accuracy
  • Various probe options
  • Displays sound velocity settings
  • Echo strength indicator to aid measurement
  • Bright LED display with polarized filter
  • Probe frequency selectable
  • Low battery warning
  • Metric / imperial switchable.
Materials Sound velocities between 2000 – 7000 m/s (0.059 – 0.31 in/microsec) – covers virtually all common engineering materials
Measurement Range in Steel 2.5 – 250 mm (0.110 – 9.995 in) with 2.25 MHz probe
Down to 1.8 and 1 mm (0.071 and 0.045 in) using either a 3.5 MHz or 5 MHz probe respectively
Accuracy 0.1 mm (0.005 in) when calibrated in accordance with Cygnus Instruments calibration procedures
Power 3 x ‘AA’ alkaline batteries
Display Large clear LED display with polarized filter
Size 240 x 75 mm (8 3/8 x 3 in)
Weight 886 g (20 oz) – probe
827 g (29.2 oz) – fixed head
Operating Temp 0°C to +35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Standards Designed for EN 15317
Environmental RoHS, WEEE compliant
  • Cygnus Heavy Duty gauge body
  • Battery pack
  • Nosecone, cable and remote probe (1.5 m)
  • Couplant gel
  • Membrane couplant
  • Accessories: spare O-rings; spare membranes; membrane locking ring key; 15 mm test block; Tommy bar.
Single Crystal Soft-Faced Compression Probe 6 mm – 5 MHz
13 mm – 2.25, 3.5 or 5 MHz
19 mm – 2.25 MHz


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