Cygnus thickness gauges stand the test of time

Cygnus Instruments has been manufacturing high quality ultrasonic testing equipment for over 35 years. During that time, Cygnus has built an enviable relationship with customers not only for the physical quality of the instruments it makes, but also for making the most reliable and accurate products too. 

At the heart of Cygnus Instruments’ reputation for reliability and accuracy lies the Cygnus-pioneered “multiple echo technique”.  By using three distinct return pulses of ultrasound, Cygnus thickness gauges will remove almost all possibility of error – and simultaneously read through coatings up to 20mm (0.75”) thick.  Cygnus multiple echo gauges are also extremely simple to calibrate and use.

As one satisfied customer notes:

There are many in the industry who have been using Cygnus meters for more than 20 years. I myself have used their underwater thickness gauge along with regular and Intrinsically Safe UT meters from the early stages of my career – and that goes back to more than 25 years for sure. As a global leader of inspection services, we use Cygnus Gauges for pipelines, tanks and vessel inspections. Our operators particularly love Cygnus – as readings come quick and accurate. 


The Cygnus 2+ and 4+ are just two of the range of Cygnus thickness gauges that are ideally suited for use in the marine inspection and repair industry.

Both of these units will work primarily with the Cygnus multiple echo technique as well as with single echo or echo echo measuring modes using twin crystal probes – which are occasionally needed for the heavy corrosion found in the marine environment.

In addition to this, the Cygnus 4+ comes with a large colour display that allows the user to see and then record the thickness reading taken as well as that reading’s Ascan.

The Ascan (a visual representation of the ultrasound in the material being measured) can be used to verify readings.  The 4+ will take and store 5000 readings (on a removable SD card) that can then be very easily exported into a report (either PDF or EXCEL). As with all Cygnus units, the 2+ and 4+ gauges are extremely durable; they are water and dust proof (to IP67) and fully drop and shock proof as well.






The Cygnus Intrinsically Safe thickness gauge is a multiple echo thickness gauge that is certified intrinsically safe to ATEX Marking Group I & Group II; CSA Class 1 Group A, B, C & D Division 1; IECEx Ex ia IIC T2/T3/T6 Ga, Ex ia I Ma. This means that the unit is ideal for use in Zone 0 and Zone 1 hazardous areas – and requires no plant shutdown or hot work permit.  In addition to oil & gas production facilities, the gauge has been approved for use in mines and is also useful in maintenance and inspections of LPG vessels and FPSOs.